VARIOUS ARTISTS: Columbusblood: LP

Aug 19, 2016

According to a note taped to the cover, this is the third (?) annual installment of a comp series documenting some of the sounds coming outta Columbus, Ohio. Brat Cure, The Hail Bop Group, Raw Pony, (((reverbalines))), Mount Carmel, The American Jobs, EYE, Sex Tide, Kizzy Hall, Bloody Show, Good Shade, and Sin Nombre kick up dust across a number of different styles—punk, art damage, rock, indie rock, proggy synth, no-fi garage, and Cookie Monster metal. Like the best comps, the focus here appears to be more about documenting what’s happening in Columbus’ music scene Anno 2016 than about hyping some label’s sub-par acts. While not everything here may be grand slam material, at worst you get a few smacked deep into center for a quick on-base. Solid work put in here both behind the instruments and behind the scenes. Kudos to ‘em. –Jimmy Alvarado (Break Up)