VARIOUS ARTISTS: Cheap Cans, Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands: 2 x LP/CD

TNS began life as a zine, moved into promoting gigs, and in 2008 evolved into a record label. This is the label’s one hundredth release and rather than just focus on bands that it has previously worked with, it was decided to also include a bunch of bands from the wider punk scene. The result was a thirty-three track double album, covering a range of genres from which I like ninety-four percent of the offerings. Most of the bands are already known to me but the one new band that I really liked was Martyrials with its synth-driven “Parachute.” The other good thing about TNS is that it isn’t easy to pigeonhole the bands it works with, so this is quite a varied collection. –Rich Cocksedge (TNS, [email protected],