VARIOUS ARTISTS: Birds of a Feather Flock Together Vol. 1: CD

May 23, 2017

Rock-solid comp here put together by what looks to be like the folks from Anthrax (the old anarcho punk band, not the New York dirthead band). Lotta topical subjects addressed throughout, as can be expected, with twenty bands both well-known and more obscure, vets and new-jacks—Sanction This, Hagar The Womb, Anthrax, Terminal Heads, Burnt Cross, Virus, Andy T, Dogshite, Hysteria Ward, Flowers In The Dustbin, Feroxide, Surgery Without Research, Slug, Eslege, Pedagree Skum, The Committed, The System, Liberty, Contempt, and Burning Flag—turning in a variety of sounds from punk’s corners, from trad U.K. anarchy fare, to ska-tinged workouts, to hardcore, to dark post-punk, to stuff that sounds like it could be New Model Army outtakes, and so on. Just when you think the comp format is all but run into the ground, something comes along to give ye hope… and they throw in a fanzine with a page dedicated to each band, to boot. Very nice work that comes highly recommended. –Jimmy Alvarado (Grow Your Own Records,