VARIOUS ARTISTS: Big, Big Wave: A Compilation from Hattiesburg, Mississippi: LP

Mar 10, 2023

I love that this album exists. The scene document is one of the coolest (and really the only necessary) type of analog compilation in these digital times. While it’s not all that hard to figure out what’s happening in a bigger city, this record is a fascinating window into a city that’s on basically no one’s radar. No one except Bill Bifaro, who happened upon Hattiesburg while on tour and returned to record every underground band he could find, all in one single day’s recording session. The result is this album which ranges in style from garage rock to goth pop, old school punk, to snotty new wave, hardcore punk and everything in between. Who thought Hattiesburg, Miss. had an underground punk/rock scene? Certainly not me. Thankfully, the underground is alive and well, even in the deep South. –Chad Williams (Feral Kid,

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