VARIOUS ARTISTS: Benefit for Big Frank: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Assembled by Big Frank (bassist for Carry Nation, founder of Nemesis, tattoo artist, and more) in response to the label reaching out with an offer to raise money to help with his mounting medical bills. As with any compilation, the quality of bands varies, but I’ve found myself liking songs from some bands I’ve had a tough time getting into in the past, such as Himsa. Their Iron Maiden riffing can not be denied! Now, if they would let go of the 1990s breakdown stuff they would greatly improve. I can appreciate that Big Frank’s taste is diverse in all sonic realms of the hard, fast, heavy, and loud stuff. Leviathan is on here, which for me was a welcome surprise. The pairing of his track with Done Dying works well, despite their apples and oranges genres. “Overcome” from Terror isn’t too shabby either. It makes me want to do push ups until I pass out. Disfear close things off with their crushing Scandinavian hardcore assault with some NWOBHM riffing for extra ferocity. –Matt Average (Not Like You,