Sep 20, 2016

Four bands with B names split a 7”. Didn’t this thing come out a few years ago? Maybe I’ve just been hearing about it forever. The Brokedowns: Hard and heavy as if Black Flag decided to become a pop punk band. One of the best bands around. There is no debating this fact. This track is a ripper just like every track they’ve release in the last ten years. I am always happy to have more Brokedowns in my life. Boilerman: According to a website review I read a while ago, Boilerman is now a transcontinental punk band, which sounds pretty intense. This track is a bit like a Crimpshrine jam. Their share of the 7” has a good sense of pacing. Feels like an epic in three minutes. Brickfight: I always wondered what these guys did after their split with Shang-A-Lang. This is basement punk like how I remember it. Rough around the edges, but at its core is an excellent pop song played by a bunch of angry dudes going a little too fast. You know, in a good way. Boxsledder: Oh, this is a good track. Can’t quite put my finger on who it reminds me. Maybe the better B-tier Fat Wreck bands of the ‘00s. Yeah, I think I hear Dead To Me in this. The vocals balance between a few different voices, with the main melody stealing the show. This 7”: This is a great value. Very few four-way splits have this level of quality throughout the entire record. Pound for pound, I’d put up against pretty much any other four-way split I’ve heard. –Bryan Static (Rad Girlfriend,