VARIOUS ARTISTS: At War with Music: CD

Mar 10, 2023

This three-band compilation comes in its own photocopied and hand-stapled—stapled—sleeve, and includes a manifesto that appears to have been hand-scrawled by a ten-year-old (I will actually be legitimately bummed if the budding Rock Impresario who put this package together is much older than ten). It does not, however, come equipped with a track listing, or even a list of the arteests participating herein (presumably such capitalist fol-de-rol runs counter to the spirit of the project). The first band actually seemed pretty tight. The second band I forgot already. The third (and final) track sounded like every phonograph needle on earth (plus a few extra ones on Jupiter’s less populated moons) scratching across Anal Cunt albums simultaneously. The noise produced was so psychotically loud that, when it stopped, I was afraid to get up and turn the CD player off, because I figured they had it timed out so that the noise would suddenly kick back in right when I got to the stereo and my heart would not withstand the hubbub. I think I’ll stick this under the windshield wiper of the next pickup truck with a lame bumper sticker I see in the parking lot at work and let it be their problem for a while. Keep up the good work. BEST SONG, SONG TITLE, AND FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: AUUGHGHGHAHAHXHXXHXHSUUUGUHKCXKCXXXXAUUGHGHGHAHAHXHXXHXHSUUUGUAUUGHGHGHAHAHXHXXHX!!! –Rev. Nørb (Counter Economic, [email protected])

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