VARIOUS ARTISTS: At War with Music #01: CD

May 15, 2023

A for attitude. A for initiative. A for effort. F for execution. The hand-drawn art and accompanying mini zine explaining the goals for existing outside of the modern music industry are emblematic of the punk DIY ethos. I wanted to love this but there are a few notes I’d offer for future iterations. First, the disc arrived cracked, which worried me, but fortunately it did still play. The burned CD listed only “track one, track two” et cetera with no information about the bands. I’m guessing from the handmade sleeve the three bands are: Crimelight, K9 Hemorrhoids, and AP. Unfortunately, I cannot tell which track corresponded to which band. The first track was solid hardcore punk. I’d definitely like to hear more of whichever band that was. The second track was a one-minute showcase of every instrument available in a quick-swapped variety of genres, including jazz. The last two tracks were either a recording issue or thirty seconds of choppy television static. They may have in fact been duplicates of each other. –Lorien Lamarr (Counter Economic)

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