VARIOUS ARTISTS: Amenaza Mexicana Vol. 2: Ruido Para Sobrevivir al Capitalismo en el Tercer Mundo: CS

Jul 20, 2022

The second installment of a series showcasing punk bands of varying subgenres, all hailing from Mexico. A dozen songs of a grab-bag of styles, such as street punk, oi, and hardcore. No Somos Nada (“We Are Nothing”) are the early favorites with the song “Nadie Para Presidente” (“No One for President”) which is the type of hardcore punk played in its most primal and raw form that makes me want to punch a hole through a wall of Turnstile records. Grito and their song “Mundo Real” are throwing their hat into the ring of tough guy hardcore sans the macho bullshit attitude. Hellmaistroz are killing it with their track “No Hay Futuro” that sounds like it belongs on a split with Tragedy or Warcry. 10 have been studying pogo punk closely and the results are infectious. Afterboltxebike closes things out with a stomper called “Gentrificación” which is no doubt about all the good things that happen when people who can afford to live within their means choose instead to infiltrate the neighborhoods of the working class. Great comp put out by truly DIY labels. Viva Mexico, cabrónes! –Juan Espinosa (Rebel Time,, / Discos Machete / Incendiario / Sangre Caliente)

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