VARIOUS ARTISTS: All Comps Are Bastards: CD

This CD compilation begins with a 3:43 “Introduction” from comedian Eric Todd. You can chastise me for this, but I couldn’t get through the whole first track. What I heard was a lot of jokey stuff about not being prepared to do the intro, not knowing anything about the people putting out the comp, and not really being aware of what “woke” means. I think it was meant to be insistently offensive, but it was too boring to even have that effect. The next track is “Teenage Shutdown” by a band I like: Electric Frankenstein. It set a high bar for a terrible listening experience to come. The compilation continues to track six where Thing Sloth’s song “Dolly Parton’s Tits” appears. People often don’t understand that to pull off a song with a purposefully offensive title requires you to have some originality or a point of view. Being openly irritating is not a stance and not funny. I enjoyed the title: “It’s Still Crystal Lake To Me (No Matter What They Call It In Part 6)” referring to the film Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives where Camp Crystal Lake is rebadged for the sake of reopening as a camp for kids, but I’d rather keep telling you about the movie than listen to the song or the rest of the CD. An occasional metal or grunge genre jolt arrives by bands not doing their thing to any interesting notice. Nuclear Desolation provides a decent thrash song with “Misery.” I’m bummed there are enough bad bands around to fill a CD like this, particularly as I had to listen to it. It reminds me of the old comps where a band would pay to be on a CD with other bands. –Billups Allen (Hobo Wolfman)