VAPIDS, THE: Suburban Reptiles: LP

Jan 31, 2018

It’s hard to fathom this band has been kickin’ it for well over twenty years. (Well, like most groups, not the whole way through, but pretty damn close.) I’m fairly certain I purchased their Five Minute Major CD in, at least, 1995? Regardless, after a hiatus throughout much of 2010s, Jim and gang are back. Best part is, it’s exactly what you’d expect, on the nose. Full-on Ramones worship, but done so well these records never begin to lose luster for a second. Jim’s sounds and songwriting are so inherently his that constantly comparing them to the Ramones don’t do him or his band any justice. Not to mention, unlike so many other bands who attempt this genre, it isn’t whiny, nor recycled, nor full of generic guitar leads (re: this isn’t a pop punk band, per se). It’s simply great punk riffs one after another, perfectly paired with the right kind of vocals. It’s shocking this band (or this fresh batch of songs) doesn’t sound aged at all. –Steve Adamyk (Surfin’ Ki,