VAPIDS, THE: The Point Remains the Same: LP

Jan 31, 2018

Thank the lord someone is taking the care in re-releasing all of these long-lost Vapids records. This time around, we’ve got The Point Remains the Same from 2007, for the first time on vinyl. When the CD-only version of this album was originally released, the band packed up not long after, so it was never given much of chance. No matter, since there’s no time like the present. Great Ramones-style riffs back to back, in standard Vapids fashion (see Suburban Reptiles review). However, on The Point, the mood is a little tighter and more determined than on other records (although it follows suit with their records of this period in the 2000s—see Charm School Dropouts et al.). It’s great to hear songs like “Dead Letter Department” again after all these years. (I still have the CD, but hardly listen to the format anymore.) Surfin’ Ki is doing their good service to the world, as always. –Steve Adamyk (Surfin’ Ki,