VANITY: Evening Reception: LP

Apr 08, 2019

Big Ev and his rotating cast of characters return with the tricky third LP. Their first was boots on the ground, mid-period ‘Driver, the second delved into Oasis and Britpop, and this third is the more reflective, more experimental. It’s as much Small Faces Ogdens or Kinks Village Green as it is Definitely Maybe or Hail the New Dawn. Remember when Greg Oblivian did the Reigning Sound? Taking nods from shit way before punk as we know it and adding a punk aesthetic? That’s what Vanity are doing—as they find their feet and their stride, Evan has been able to open up possibilities and throw in ballads and ’60s style punkers. It has some late-’80s U.K. indie swagger with the LSD-laced swinging ’60s. Punk? Who the fuck knows. I’m old as the hills and will be as likely listening to fucking Humble Pie as Disclose. To be totally transparent, Big Ev is a pal and I’ve watched the development of his bands, so I could be biased. Either way, this shit is staying on the table. –Tim Brooks (Beach Impediment,