VANITY: Don’t Be Shy: LP

Nov 16, 2016

It’s great when a band feels able to flex their muscles without getting pigeonholed to a sound. This band’s tremendous first LP had a real thug Skrewdriver vibe with all the hooks and chops to make it a top tenner. What was a two-piece is now a real band with Evan Radigan firmly at the helm. (His brother Brendan writes for Battle Ruins, Rival Mob, and Magic Circle amongst others if you need some background on hook writing genetics). Big Ev has taken his love for classic ‘80s skinhead music and mixed it up with some glam, pub rock, and English indie rock like the Stone Roses. The result? A fantastic, eclectic mix of bangers falling somewhere between the early Chiswick records output, Creation records, Status Quo and the very best RAC (sans the dodgy lyrics). One of my favorite records of the year, by a long way. –Tim Brooks (Katorga Works,