VAINS: You May Not Believe in Vains: 7”

Jan 21, 2022

As punk as it gets. Vains from Seattle, Wash. were a hardcore punk band from the ’80s. This single is a nice-looking reissue of the band’s three-song single from 1980. The original pressing is one of those bank-breakers you hear about on the internet. Vains played in the heavy chord/trash rock arena. “School Jerks” is a mid-paced rocker delineating the jerk level of some of their peers. “Loser” picks up the pace a bit edging into the hardcore speeds of the early ’80s. The record includes good liner notes which share the short life of the band. They opened a show for Subhumans (Canada) and Black Flag. This single fits that bill. The cover is a knockoff of a low-budget cinema ad with each song represented by a mondo-style poster. If you’re into the era, you’ll like this. –Billups Allen (Dirty Knobby)