VAASKA: Future Primitivo: EP

Aug 19, 2016

Originally a limited release for the band’s Japanese tour earlier this year, Future Primitivo is now available in a wider release through Beach Impediment Records. This was my first exposure to Vaaska, whose discography includes a previous LP, and some split recordings with Impalers and Japan’s Skizophrenia. Future Primitivo features fast, furious d-beat, with shredding lead guitar parts and Spanish language vocals. I was a big fan of the blistering leads. I was less of a fan of the echoey style of the overall recording. I dig when records have a gritty and raw live recording-esque style, but this had more of an “I can hear the band playing from outside the warehouse venue vibe.” Not terrible by any means, but a little less echo to the recording would surely have upped the intensity. Still thoroughly enjoyable, and it’s worth looking into Vaaska’s other recordings. –Paul J. Comeau (Beach Impediment)

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