USELESS I.D.: We Don’t Want the Airwaves: 7”

Aug 19, 2016

I think this is the first time I have heard Useless I.D. unless it’s cropped up unknowingly on a compilation that I’ve listened to. “We Don’t Want the Airwaves” is hugely catchy with a melody that hangs around my head for an hour or so before moving on without causing me to mourn its departure, perhaps an indictment of its short term appeal. The other three songs don’t even maintain my interest whilst they are playing, so not a band I’m going to spend any more time on once I finish writing this review. Weirdly, despite not being a great experience, the title track did sound a bit like Chixdiggit, a band I do like. –Rich Cocksedge (Fat Wreck, [email protected],