US WEEKLY: Self-titled: LP

Aug 02, 2017

Hotchie motchie, I’ve been waiting on this here record for some time and it delivers in spades! US Weekly are cream of the crop of contemporary Austin, Texas punk bands (and there are a lot of good bands down this way these days). Seeing them live is always a treat. Their debut full length manages to cram the anxious explosion of power that is their live set into twelve inches. Every band tries this but not many succeed. You’d be surprised how much slash-burn they bring for a single guitar outfit. Snaky bass lines are revealed between said guitar slashes and strategic synth flourishes add to the jagged, angular presentation. Vocals have an almost hardcore sing-shout at times, but there’s plenty of melody underlying. Pink Flag-era Wire is your departure point. Songs about the world going down the toilet (“New Obsessions,” “AC”) and poor human relations (“Women”). Sounds about like these days, don’t it? –Sal Lucci (Night Moves,