US // THEM: Demonstration: CS

Mar 15, 2022

Demo tape from this Los Angeles-based hardcore collective—a sound that reminds me of Modern Life Is War in a way—noisy, dissonant, heavy, and somber. Not just a demo tape though: a musical and lyrical demonstration against specific injustices in our country and planet that have hit a tipping point in the past couple years: racism, poverty, authoritarianism, et cetera. For some, it’s all just too much to bear and the need for distraction from the darkness is essential to retaining one’s sanity. For others, tackling these ideas head on can generate a little bit of hope. This dark music (and the brutal, real truths conveyed in the lyrics and liner notes) can help to relieve a bit of the isolation that all of this “weight of the world” stress can induce. We’re not alone in thinking that everything is fucked, a feeling we can embrace while listening to a group of passionate and accomplished musicians crush and wail their way through five excellent songs. –Chad Williams (Dune Altar,