UPPERS, THE: Manic Melodies: 7”

Mar 19, 2024

I’ve gotta mention right out of the gate that the RPM on this 7” is mislabeled 33⅓ when it is in fact a 45. The Uppers are not a sludge/industrial band, which you can figure out once you have the record spinning the appropriate speed. Instead, these St. Louis, Mo.-based rockers play a catchy blend of punk rock and power pop sure to have you rocking out wherever you’re listening. The band’s songs are as upbeat as their name suggests, with lots of singalongs, and some nicely shredded lead guitar parts. All four tracks are certified bangers and stuck in my head long after I took this off the turntable. The track “Don’t Start,” though, shows the full range of The Uppers’ songwriting and playing abilities and was my favorite. The sleeve art and name of the record are obvious nods to the title cards of classic Warner Brothers cartoons. Fingers crossed The Uppers have more music on the way, and this 7” is not “That’s all Folks!” –Paul J. Comeau (Boulevard Trash / Spaghetty Town / Wanda)

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