UPPER HAND: Iron City Hardcore: 1988-89: LP

Jul 20, 2021

Yo, you ever hear of that Western Pa. hardcore band Upper Hand? No? Well it’s probably because they never released a record during their short life until now. These soundboard recordings are from a live set at the Sonic Temple in Pittsburgh in 1989. The band may have been from Pennsylvania but it’s apparent they were raised on a steady diet of NYHC and youth crew. Nine songs that owe much to Youth Of Today, Straight Ahead, and Negative Approach as well as Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, and the Faith. One cannot help but notice how amazingly talented the drummer is and just how much they hold the band together. It may even be fair to say that these songs may not have been as impressive if not for the impactful drumming performance. There’s only 110 of these fuckers available, so don’t sleep on this ya jabroni! –Juan Espinosa (Mind Cure, upperhand2.bandcamp.com)

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