Mar 20, 2018

Unwelcome Guests hail from my hometown of Buffalo and they sound a lot like The Thermals, with a healthy dose of Jawbreaker thrown in for good measure. The singer utilizes falsetto more than is typical in any subgenre, but that doesn’t come off as eccentric as it might seem. I’m a big fan of ostensibly light bands that have an unmistakable aggressive edge. Unwelcome Guests feel like they could attack at any moment, which is kind of exciting from a fairly gentle group. There’s a subtlety to the songs, but they’re also instantly engaging. Twenty years ago, they would have been wildly popular in the underground and beyond. Possibly too aggressive for the average indie rocker and too soft for the average punk, it’d be a shame if they got lost in the shuffle of today. Anything You Want is the sort of album that makes you go out and seek out the band’s entire back catalog. It clutches onto the listener, not letting go. It’s truly a class act all around. –Art Ettin