UNVERIFIABLE COMICS: IMMATURE HUMOR FOR ADULTS #3, $2 (zine and sticker), 5½” x 8”, copied.

Sep 27, 2019

Scathing and nihilistic in the way memes tend to be (and the author does declare: “You know, if you don’t stop looking at memes, one of these days you’re going to turn into one!”), these comics hit a little too close to home on life in the “late anthropocene.” Life in the contemporary political landscape is pretty fucked up—that doesn’t need saying, but sometimes, with a touch of humor, it does, even if it makes us a bit uncomfortable to admit that, say, when we have our phones surveilling us all the time, it’s a little hypocritical to be nervous about a “robot uprising.” And it’s easier to admit these things with a little bit of levity thrown in. I love comics for this reason, and these comics do a great job at making us look at ourselves in the worst possible light while making us chuckle about it. Slightly uncomfortable, for that reason, but all the way fun. –jimmy cooper (AN!F, PO Box 345 Putney, VT 05346)