UNVERIFIABLE COMICS #6, $2, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 16 pgs.

May 24, 2022

Often contained in a series of single panels, with one panel per page, the comics in Unverifiable Comics #6 are often irreverent, sometimes sacrilegious, and always a merciless commentary on current events—pop cultural, political, or otherwise. Drawn in black on white paper, the comics cover the concept of “radical centricism,” the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Afghanistan, sustainable living, organic dairy products, network television, and more, all in a signature style of humor so dry that the Sahara looks verdant in comparison. I’m very much a fan of dry humor, and I will admit to laughing out loud at one of the comics that delivered a clever poke at imposter syndrome. Self-described as “immature humor for adults!,” Unverifiable Comics is actually quite mature in its material, and those who can laugh at themselves and the rampant absurdity of today’s society will truly appreciate it. –Gina Murrell (AN!F, PO Box 345, Putney, VT 05346)

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