UNVERIFIABLE COMICS #5, $2ppd., 8½” x 5½”, 16pgs.

I’ve been reading and reviewing Unverifiable Comics for a few issues now, and I’m always stoked to see it in the mail! Always combative, Unverifiable Comics takes that social media malaise of irony we’re all so familiar with and turns it up to eleven in a decidedly analog format. “My anti-social skills are impeccable!” one of many anonymous characters in the comic declares, and boy, they’re not wrong. It’s refreshing, though, unlike scrolling though endless iterations of detached memes about just how bad everything is. In previous reviews I’ve spoken to the way this comic cuts to the heart of what’s wrong with all of us, and that’s still true. Self-aware, a bit bitter to the taste, and weird through and through, Unverifiable Comics is more than worth your two bucks and the time it takes to send a piece of real paper in the mail. –jimmy cooper (Apocalypse No! PO Box 345, Putney, VT 05346)