UNSANE: Sterilize: CD/LP

Jan 31, 2018

Unsane have been around for approximately thirty years and during that time I’ve heard of them but never paid attention to their career. Then fellow Razorcake writer, Michael T. Fournier, played a song off their latest album on one of his Razorcake podcasts and I was hooked. I got Sterilize and wasn’t let down one bit. I also wondered why it took me so many years to finally get into Unsane. While I can’t compare this album to any of the band’s previous releases, looking at the labels on which they’ve released music, Sterilize seems like a summation of the sounds associated with such labels: Amphetamine Reptile, Ipecac, and Relapse. The ten songs are aggressive, dirty, and slightly dark. Vocally, Chris Spencer reminds me of Mike Patton, but this is heavier than anything Patton would do. And any band that has a song titled “We’re Fucked” is right on with me. The combination of disturbing, edgy music and the disgruntled lyrics and vocals seem appropriate for the world in which we’re living. I find this is a good album to work out to or get myself pumped for something. Fans of aggressive music won’t be disappointed with this chunk of thirty-seven minutes of aggro-noise. –Kurt Morris (Southern Lord)