Mar 20, 2018

Sweden’s Unmanned Brain’s first song “I Stand Down” reminds me of The Futureheads if they had more of a garage rock/punk edge, and were less refined. The song talks about how time’s up, and it’s time to change. Standing down may be a mix of standing up against what’s wrong and standing your ground on what you believe in. Their namesake track talks about being tired of someone who is shallow, and whose brain they can’t stand. I like that the first two songs are really upbeat and the lyrics are simple but to the point. The third song is slowed down a bit, but still impactful with vocal inflection. This album is stripped-down punk, and after three songs, I want more. The album artwork is gorgeous. The cover features imagery of a mountain side toned down to more black and white hues, but the melted snow lake is super blue. The record features similar artwork on both sides, and I really love when bands do extra details like that. –Cynthia Pinedo ([email protected], unmannedbrain.bandcamp.com)