UNHOLY TWO: The Pleasure to End All Pleasures: LP

Nov 26, 2018

Sludgey, gritty nightmare fuel. Make sure you’re in a healthy mental state before jumping into these shark-infested waters, otherwise Uholy Two will tear you up. Somehow, the whole situation is made more uneasy that there are three people in a band called Unholy Two. It’s like one of them is maybe trustworthy, but you can’t sort out who it is. Their music is like if you took a billion blenders full of rocks and broken glass, pressure formed them into a diamond, and then jack hammered your way to the center while blindfolded. The blenders are all running on full pulse the whole time as well. Frightening noise rock with layers of gore and bleakness is what you’re in store for here. Perfect timing for the Halloween season, though I imagine that if this is the type of thing that makes your black heart sing, you’d be spinning this year round. –Kayla Greet (12XU)


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