Ungovernable Force, The: DVD

Nov 22, 2017

With a tagline of “put the oi in exploitation,” I am the target audience for this micro-budgeted campy punk gore comedy. It doesn’t disappoint with its onslaught of counterculture, nudity, goofiness, and gore. The Ungovernable Force tells the story of a wayward bunch of streetpunk kids at war with local jocks, cops, and politicians. Lead actor Jake Vaughan is genuinely compelling, as are the other adorable punk players who surround him. Cameo appearances from Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, scream queen Debbie Rochon, Halloween actor Tony Moran, Steve Ignorant from Crass, Nick Cash from 999, Steve Lake from Zounds, Paul Russo from The Unseen, and Mensi from Angelic Upstarts add to the fun. Biting un-PC dialog permeates the script, which also includes more utterances of “ACAB” and “All Cops Are Bastards” than any other movie in film history. The action is punctuated with a killer soundtrack featuring The Blood, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Zounds, and more. The Ungovernable Force is way too long at 101 minutes, and the punk content far overshadows anything else it has to offer. Still, it’s audacious enough to warrant checking out. –Art Ettinger (BRINKvision, brinkvision.com)