UNFUN: Waterboarding: LP

Aug 19, 2016

The review I’ve been waiting for. I’ve wanted to try to tell any audience that would listen, just how important Unfun is to me. Unfun is the sound that bounces between my ears and rattles around in my brain constantly. As in, I don’t understand how some people whistle pretty notes into tunes or noise artists decide on the aural assaults they feel the need to produce, ‘cause inside my head, those two things belong together. Unfun is the “you put your peanut butter in my chocolate” Reese’s noise fuzz outer layer and sugar sweet pop center crushed into the Vitamix engine drone of my mind. “Death Majesty” indeed… sad that it’s over, but what a way to go out. –Matt Seward (Debt Offensive, debtoffensiverecs.com)

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