May 25, 2021

There are no words to accurately convey how totally, completely awed I am that this is finally out in the world on vinyl, as it was always meant to be. Recorded in 1981, not released until 2001, but only on CD, and only just now making its wax debut thanks to the cool cats at Puke N Vomit, this is an all-killer joyride with one of the best bands the Eastside’s initial punk wave produced. Hitting the sweet spot between first wave L.A. punk and first wave L.A. hardcore, you get tunes that sonically deftly dance around the varied sounds that were bubbling up during that time—wallop-packing proto-‘core, rootsy punk, quasi-ska, gloom ‘n’ doom proto-death rock, and other points between, all delivered by a band that knew full well what to do with the instruments they were wielding. This was, is, and ever shall remain one of the ELA’s holy grail punk records, along with the Stains LP and the Brat’s Attitudes EP. It sounds aces on wax, thanks to Dan Vargas’ choice production, and the packaging is all dolled up nice ‘n’ purty, with the original artwork Sean Carrillo created for the release back in ’81 intact and updated by Jesse Zeroxed, photos, liner notes, and some copies are on colored vinyl, if one is so inclined. This comes with the highest of recommendations. –Jimmy Alvarado (Puke N Vomit, pukenvomitrecords.com)

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