May 25, 2021

I must confess that I only became aware of East L.A.’s Thee Undertakers about a year or so ago despite them having been active decades previously. I liked what I’d heard but until its debut album finally found a home for release many years later, I was confined to listening to them on the internet. On the whole, this album was well worth the wait and also the circuitous route by which I obtained it (thanks to fellow Razorcaker Juan!). Side one is the strongest with some excellent songs, full of nervous energy and great tunes. The flipside features a bit of an outlier in “No Pay,” a track which comes across as more of a backyard party, singalong than anything in line with the rest of the album. It is a little incongruous compared to the rest of the album but after repeated plays it’s got me singing along as well. The rest of side two delivers a fine selection of tracks, including a really enjoyable instrumental in “Death Too…” I am more than pleased that I got hold of this as it’s a strong document of what was going on in East L.A. back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. –Rich Cocksedge (Pukenvomit, pukenvomitrecords.com)

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