UNCIVIL SOCIETY, THE: Spectacle Inc.: CD and booklet

May 25, 2021

I can totally dig the liner notes here where the person behind The Uncivil Society suggests that when our society falls apart, the earth will go on living until it’s consumed by the sun. I’ve often thought about what the world will be like when we kill ourselves through climate change or a volcano wipes us out. Glad to see someone else is thinking about that kind of stuff. That said, the ten songs on Spectacle Inc. explore consumerism and consumption as well as the redundancy of work. Musically, though, this is like if Wesley Willis joined the circus and just spoke instead of trying to sing. Also, there’s no, “rock over London, rock on Chicago.” I think the songs here would be greatly improved with a catch phrase at the end. –Kurt Morris (Suburban Utopia Projects)

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