UNCIVIL SOCIETY, THE: Mutual Aid: CD and booklet

Sep 29, 2020

Gorilla X is back at it. As was the case with the Uncivil Society’s previous releases, Mutual Aid is concept-driven: the biologist Peter Kropotkin’s studies on insects working together for survival intersect musically with the ways musicians and bands evolve over time (like Mike Watt from The Minutemen to fIREHOSE, f’r instance). The twin tenets of evolution and cooperation first inspired Gorilla X to form a mutual aid society in his town when quarantine started, and then to write Mutual Aid as a reaction to everything happening (including the murder of George Floyd, which happened right as CD booklets were going to print). The Uncivil Society have a distinct sonic blueprint as a through line, but this one is a little more trippy and droney than previous efforts, a welcome addition. Always interesting, thoughtful, and inspiring—a sadly rare combination these days. Keep ’em coming! –Michael T. Fournier (theuncivilsociety.bandcamp.com)