UNCIVIL SOCIETY, THE: Movie of My Mind: CD and DVD

Jul 20, 2022

I remain fascinated by and appreciative of The Uncivil Society, A_non73’s perpetual motion (and progression) machine. This is the second consecutive Uncivil Society release relying a bit more on visual/filmic aspects—in Movie of My Mind, the typical percussive lyrics/vocal ruminations are (mostly) eschewed in favor of atmospheric soundtrack work described in the (extensive) album notes as trying “to find the exalted in the mundane” aspects of day-to-day life. A DVD provides the film for the audio soundtrack. Of course, this wouldn’t be an Uncivil Society project without theoretical underpinnings: here, A_non73 references Andy Warhol’s static films and Piper Payne’s ideas regarding sympathetic vibrations and recording. Always a lot to take in, always rewarding. –Michael T. Fournier (theuncivilsociety.bandcamp.com)