UNCIVIL SOCIETY, THE: Inland Empire: CD and booklet

May 27, 2020

The prolific Gorilla X is back again with a new album and concept. One of the things that’s so fascinating and engaging about Uncivil Society records is the way they weave seemingly disparate ideas together into a cohesive whole. The inspiration for Inland Empire, according to its ridiculously cool booklet, is twofold: Gorilla X was first inspired by the way Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina’s quieter music in the Evens represents a continued musical evolution and progression. His second inspiration came after reading Mike Davis’s City of Quartz, a book discussing the development of Los Angeles, and the wreckage, human and otherwise, left in its wake. These two concepts fit together seamlessly when filtered through Gorilla X’s musical lens: the warm acoustics, akin to “Operation Solitaire” by fIREHOSE, provide snapshots of the contradiction urban development presents. Always thought-provoking and resonant long after the record stops. –Michael T. Fournier (theuncivilsoicety.com)