(UN)CIVIL SOCIETY, THE: Everyday Revolution: CD and booklet

Jan 21, 2022

A few times a year a new project by A_non73 lands in my mailbox, always carefully thought, always with a painstakingly thorough booklet explaining the connections in the new installment. Before I mention the themes of this new one, it’s worth noting that Everyday Revolution is just a piece of a continually unfurling lifelong learning project: A_non73 gets curious about things, reads up on ’em, and adds another chapter to a remarkably consistent and engaging twenty-year discography. Here, he boils down the dense texts of Raoul Vaneigem, which posit that to truly live, modern individuals must create joy, the titular everyday revolution that becomes the concept (always a concept or two!) behind this release. If you’ve read even a little of this kind of philosophic prose, you know how impenetrable it can be—here, the ideas are distilled neatly into song form. All this, plus new musical arrangements (including banjo!) nodding to the passing of Neal Peart. I look forward to each new iteration. –Michael T. Fournier (theuncivilsociety.bandcamp.com)

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