UNBORN GHOST: Airs of Contempt and Derision: CD

Nov 20, 2023

This is not punk and it’s misplaced being sent to Razorcake, but at least it’s spooky enough for the Halloween season. This record is doomy, somewhat psychedelic, meandering garage rock. I could use this for background music at my Halloween party. I doubt anyone would be clamoring for the details from me, but it would fit the purpose. It’s mostly instrumental so it wouldn’t inhibit conversation. I think there are probably a dozen lyrics on the whole record. My favorite tracks were “White Guilt Parade” and “Federal Government Functionary.” Both of these felt like fully fleshed out post-punk jams, albeit still spooky. I would have had an easier time getting behind a record that was more of that content and perhaps fewer xylophone solos. I really wish “The Black Pill” was more fleshed out. I wanted to love it. I’d have added it to my ace anthems playlist. –Lorien Lamarr (Discriminate Audio, discriminateaudio.com)

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