ULTRABANN: Big Trouble in Little Haiti: LP

Sep 16, 2021

According to the liner notes, this band started as a Cincinnati/Chattanooga long-distance recording collaboration between members of Vacation and Ghetto Blasters and morphed into a full band including members of Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and Future Virgins. Some of the songs are the actual tracks recorded on cell phones part-by-part over long-distance connections, while the rest are actual studio recordings. No worries though; this entire album is a total rocker in a classic mid-tempo style, minus the tiresome retro trappings. The instruments are perfectly sloppy but roaring, vocals are melodic but raw—not poppy—and the songs get stuck in your very oddly shaped head upon first listen. Ever hear a ripping demo of a release and then when the actual record comes out, you think, “Eh. They should have just used the demo”? That demo is this record. Rock’n’roll perfection without the polish. Two hundred pressed, so don’t miss it. –Waseley O’McNerves (Let’s Pretend, letspretendrecords.com / Mondo Trasho, mondotrashorecords.com)