UFOS: PREPARATION FOR A JOURNEY VOLUME 1, $10, 8½” x 11”, copied, 54 pgs.

Jan 26, 2021

This zine is beautifully crafted with hand-drawn pencil illustrations and written completely on a typewriter with fancy cursive keys. They purposely included each finger flub on the typewriter (a 1968 Alder from West Germany to be exact), which I think adds such an authentic human element to it. The story itself is River James’s retelling of Travis Walton’s book Fire in the Sky. I dug into it while getting a tattoo and it was so incredibly compelling that it kept my mind off the many needles jabbing into my thigh. This zine is written in River’s voice as if they were retelling it around a campfire with all sorts of things that go bump in the night. It covers the moments leading up to the abduction, the experience while on board the UFO, and the disorientated Walton waking up on an stretch of highway naked and miles away from the abduction site. Whether or not you believe in sentient beings from worlds other than our own, this is a chilling story that will occupy your brain for days. My only wish was that the zine was printed double-sided. Otherwise I love the art, the story, and the richness that the typeface brings to the whole thing. Looking forward to future issues. –Kayla Greet (River James, etsy.com/shop/FireLightByRiver)