TZN-XENNA: Róbrege’85: LP

Jul 20, 2021

After Zygzak ended, members soon started TZN-Xenna in 1981, and became the most well known Polish punk band in the 1980s. According to the booklet that accompanies the Victim of a Safety Pin compilation, the name translates as “it stands for annex.” The material on this album was recorded live on October 18, 1985 at the third Grand Festival Róberge in Warsaw, Poland. TZN-Xenna had a direct and fast style that at times borders on hardcore punk from the era, but they also blend in oi elements, much like NOTA did, just less blistering. You go from the fast “Guma,” to “Religia” which is tuneful, and into the fast and manic “Zrob Cos!” just to give you an idea of what’s in store. The quality is a little rough, but that actually works to their advantage, as it captures the raw energy of their sound and performance. This comes with a large lyric booklet that provided lyrics in Polish with English translations, along with photos of the band, and a fold-out poster. Fans of international punk would be wise to pick this up. –Matt Average (Warsaw Pact, refuse

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