Sep 26, 2019

Polish punk progenitors TZN Xenna have been around since the early 1980s, and it shows—in a good way. The band’s latest effort, Czart PRLu, (don’t quiz me on my pronunciation) is true-blue, grade A punk. Played with machinelike precision and sharply produced, this record screams quality without losing any of the band’s raw energy. I really dig that all the lyrics are in Polish, save for one small stanza in “Ajdont”: “I don’t want to see you / I don’t want to know / I don’t think you love me / Babe, you better go.” Indeed; we’ve all been there, TZN Xenna. Hats off to you, Polish punks, for keeping it real for all these years. Wymiatasz, guys. You rock. –Simone Carter (Refuse, [email protected],

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