TYPE 2: TRAVEL STORIES, $4, 5½” x 4¼”, color, printed.

Feb 13, 2020

I’ve loved the way Bryan’s photographs—particularly their portraits—trap moments and people in their messy entirety since we started trading zines a few years ago. Of course, this is the on-paper objective of most photography, to preserve and protect, but particularly now that everyone has a camera in their pocket (I say, as if I have been cognizant of living in an era where this wasn’t true), this often is not the case. I might go so far as to say that there are more empty photographs than those that mean something. Anyways, this zine puts stories of “type 2 fun”—awful while it’s happening, valuable, delightful even, in retrospect—alongside eight photographs of the people and places recounted. Memorializing despair and joy alike and blurring the lines between them, this is a super sweet zine. Also worth mentioning: as always, the prints are quality and the cover is a nice cardstock. Would also recommend checking out issues of Restless Legs, their long-running photozine, if you get the chance. –jimmy cooper (2220 16th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404, cargocollective.com/bryanbrybry, [email protected]