TYLER KEITH: The Last Drag: LP

Dec 03, 2020

There’s a press photo of Tyler Keith on the Black & Wyatt site that I wish they’d used as the cover art for The Last Drag. Keith stands on top of a desk that’s set up outside, he holds an acoustic guitar, the yard is half-cluttered with junk; the house behind him looks empty, though it’s hard to say. He’s an older dude with nothing to prove. He’s got years of Mississippi life and rock life and tour life behind him. He studied under the author Barry Hannah at Ole Miss. He almost sounds like Mick Farren at times. He’s sentimental and losing it and he’s still alive, and he made a ragged roots punk record that feels real as shit. Realer than a blurry stock photo of an old drag racer would lead you to believe. –Matt Werts (Black & Wyatt, blackandwyattrecords.com)