TWINDOWS, THE: Valkyrie 2.0: CD

Six years ago, I was sent an EP by the band Key Of V, a quirky, indie pop duo, which featured some very good songs. Unexpectedly, I was contacted by one half of that band, which resulted in me being sent this album from her new band. The Twindows is nothing like Key Of V and has more of a punk/rock feel to it, close to the result of combining Hammerbox and System Of A Down. What remains unaltered are the vocals of Aster Grimm, which are outstanding and range from frail to the roar of a lion. She is aided by a warm, crunchy guitar sound, which adds both depth and an edge to the songs. I was pleased to hear two of the tracks off that Key Of V EP resurface here, both packing more of a punch this time out. A pleasant surprise and an enjoyable listen. –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, [email protected])