Jan 31, 2018

Twin Trances are an Atlanta-based noise group. The first track establishes the tone of the rest of the album: noisy, sludgy, occasionally psychedelic riffs under charged and aggressive vocals. It’s an interesting concept for sure, but one that is applied in a manner too repetitive for this album to be enjoyable for me. Each successive song ultimately sounds a lot like the last, leaving me thinking that this band could be far more interesting with a bit more experimentation. There are, however, a few bright spots on this record. The sludged riffs alongside rolling drums in “Bogle” make for an interesting track that may evoke memories of Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone, while “It’s Love” has some very jammable and captivating riffing. While I look forward to seeing their maturation, this record was just too tedious after the first couple songs to listen to. –Anna Farr (Dirty Slacks,, [email protected])