TWIN GUNS: Black Moon in Woodstock Live: CS

Mar 17, 2021

Recorded live at The Colony in Woodstock, N.Y. back in 2016, Black Moon in Woodstock is a good introduction to Twin Guns. In a full set of twelve songs, including three covers, the range of their ’60s-inspired surf, garage, and psych rock influences are readily apparent. The band were channeling their inner Iggy and company on their cover of “1970,” one of the better Stooges covers I’ve heard over the years. While I dug the covers, and liked Twin Guns overall, some of their own material did get a bit plodding at times. If more of the energy they showed in their cover of “1970” appeared in their own songs, I might have been more into this. –Paul J. Comeau (Primitive Screwhead, [email protected])