TWIN FOXES: Sleeping on the Attic Floor: LP

May 23, 2018

Occasionally, the powers that be miss the mark on assigning and some poor band gets unfairly slayed. This three-piece from the East Coast play a mix of loud/quiet, off-kilter ‘90s navel gazing emo. I imagine these delicate boys playing with no shoes and their back to the crowd, their LP shelves chock full of A Week Last Sunday, Converge, and dare I say Jawbreaker records (just the melodic parts). It has more of the “modern bangs over the eyes and tight pants” vibe than the “hand screened patches, no shoes, and thick spectacles” feel I knew (and hated) back in the day. Bursts of frantic discordant noise coupled with mellow, light-sung moments—this has all the ingredients of the worst shit I have ever heard. I cannot imagine anyone reading this rag being able to stomach more than thirty seconds of this tripe. –Tim Brooks (Midnight Werewolf,