Jan 18, 2017

What a gem this is—a live set recorded by Steve Roche for WNYU that never aired after being preempted by a basketball game. This performance by a No Idea Southern screamo classic catches a band (and genre) at its peak. Recorded in 1998, this set of seven songs situates the trajectory of the band, giving a taste of where the material for 1999’s more urgent The Victory of Flight and 2002’s near-flawless Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction came from. It came crawling out of central Florida swamps, bringing together the furthest edges of the ‘90s Gainesville scene, combining the melodic but biting punk of early classics like Spoke and Radon with the post-hardcore complexity of I Hate Myself. It’s a rare treat to be surprised with something so intimate that speaks to such a particular historical moment in punk history but that manages to still be so vital and insistent. Feeling this cassette in my hand is a great reminder that Twelve Hour Turn is probably one of the most criminally underrated bands many people have (n)ever heard. –Theresa W. (Bakery Outlet, [email protected], / Rose Quarter,