TVO: Fall in a Pit: 12”

Sep 16, 2021

Gotta talk a bit about the physicality of this record—it’s a hand silk-screened picture disc (a pic of the band), with the three songs on the flip. Foldover sleeve, limited to one hundred copies, clearly a labor of love. TVO play that angular, tightly-wound style of punk that always feels to me a little claustrophobic, like being shoved into a small room with pressed-in, sweating walls and too much adrenaline. Kind of like a basement show, I guess! Anyway, it’s frantic, disjointed, noisy punk and this band’s good at it. Worth grabbing up if it’s your thing, though they’re pretty spendy on the State Champion website. Twenty-five dollars plus shipping for a three-song EP seems pretty steep to me, but given the fact that it’s a limited, hand-screened picture disc, maybe that’s just the world we live in these days. –Keith Rosson (State Champion)